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Sports / DECEMBER 13, 2022 / 5 hours before

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Maria Yulieth Perez and Luisa Fernanda Valero.

The group won 2 gold and 3 silver medals.

The Sir Arthur Smith Cup was fulfilled in Yumbo, Valle del Caucain which the members of the Quindío badminton team obtained 2 gold and 3 silver medals, with the presence of María Yulieth Pérez, individual champion, and Nicolás Morales in the junior sub-17.

Both athletes are unstoppable and gain strength in the face of the XXII National Sports Games Eje Cafetero-2023in which they hope to be on the podium.

Professor Hugo Alexander Morales delivered the balance of the competitionbut he expects more from his group, which narrowly missed out on the gold medal in teams, which he regretted at the end of the calendar.

His demand and his teaching method have led the group to be a protagonist in Colombia, and for this reason he is one of the most respected helmsmen in the country and internationally.

Despite their self-analysis, seeing their achievements, any helmsman would envy them: gold with Morales in individual junior under-17, gold with Pérez in older women, silver with Sergio Zapata in individual junior under-17, silver with Pérez and Luisa Fernanda Valero in older women, and silver with the team.

Morales is at a very high level, as he has shown in competitions not only for minors, but also for elite ones. He holds great promise for the nation and will look to shine at Nationals.

Sergio Zapata and Nicolas Morales.

Sergio Zapata and Nicolas Morales.

Quindiano team, winner of the silver medal.

Quindiano team, winner of the silver medal.



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