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The Quindiana surpassed 1,579 athletes, including 400 women, crowning herself as the most profitable.

The athlete from Quindío, in general, finished 70 among 1,649 triathletes.

The thereforeana deportist Olga Maria Vargas prevailed in the Ironman Cartagena 2022 70.3 and not only did he win his category 35-39 years, but was the fastest among all the women who attended the contest. She stopped the timers at 4 hours, 45 minutes, and 36 seconds.

In the general it was 70, including men and women, which accounts for the high level it currently has. in competition 1,649 athletes performed of different nationalities, of which 400 were women.

He faced 1,900 meters of swimming, 90 kilometers by bicycle and 21 kilometers of swimming: a test for human beings of “steel”. The coffee maker, which premiered the triathlon in 2019, is part of the Bogota team Power Lab.

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“Swimming came out of the side of the Convention Center towards transition number one, which was in the parking lot of the Base Navaland from there we left towards the route to Santa Martawhere they shot 45 kilometers there and 45 back and then we ran inside the Walled city“, said.

The organization reported that Colombian Andrés Felipe Castillo won the men’s. “In the professional men’s category, the silver went to the Colombian Cristian David Zapata and the bronze to the also Colombian Miguel Olarte. And in the female professional category, the silver and bronze went to the Colombians Luisa López and Elizabeth Gómez”.

The innkeeper is now located between the capital of Colombia and Mexicobut for many years he competed for the Quindio in the discipline of swimming, with a positive balance.

Vargas will continue preparing for the next competitions, in which he hopes to represent the ‘Green heart‘ with decorum and give him more successes.

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