Qatar TV mocks Germany for its removal

Despite their victory against Costa Rica in the last match of the group stage (2-4), the german team He has starred in one of the great surprises of the 2022 World Cup when he was eliminated and did not get a pass to the round of 16. For the second time in a row and as happened four years ago in Russia 2018, the Germans crash and do not access the crosses qualifiers, a failure that was celebrated on Qatari television.

After the Flick crash was completed, several guests present on a Qatari television program imitated, as a mockery, the protest gesture carried out by the players of Germany in the match of his World Cup debut against Japan debut to denounce the censorship and the lack of rights in the organizing country. With

With one hand covering their mouths, imitating what the German team players did in the photo before the game against Japan, and with the other waving goodbye, the guests on Qatari television seemed to mock the failure of the German team. , one of the most who have denounced the lack of rights in the country organizing the World Cup.

The German was one of the teams that had planned that its captain, the goal Manuel Neuer, wear the ‘one love’ bracelet in their matches, in favor of diversity and the rights of the LGTBI+ collective. An initiative that in the end they could not carry out, like the rest of the teams, due to the threat of sports sanctions launched by FIFA.

To circumvent possible sanctions, in the match of their World Cup debut, the players of the German team held a collective protest against Qatar and FIFA came from the team as a whole. It happened in the traditional photography prior to the initial whistle, when each team poses for posterity. The Germans did it with all the members of Hansi Flick’s starting eleven covering their mouths with their hands. An image that did not go unnoticed.

After confirming the elimination of Germany despite their victory against Costa Rica, in the qatar television They remembered that gesture and several guests imitated it to make fun of the Germans’ goodbye. Several guests who participated in a program covered their mouths just like the German players did in that photo that went around the world while with the other they made the traditional gesture that is made with the hand when there is a farewell.



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