Qatar 2022 World Cup: an Australian fan faced Argentines – watch the video here | World Cup Qatar 2022

Argentina did not go through much trouble to beat Australia in the round of 16. A test that passed without major complications, although in the second half, there were moments where he suffered more than necessary with a discount and a great save by Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez to drown out the oceanic tie. Among the ‘herd’ of South American fans, there were also Australians, but in a part of the stands of the stadium, there was a curious episode.

They almost went to blows when the central referee declared the commitment over. A lone Australian fought for his country bravely, facing off against a group of Argentines. It was him alone against them in a part of the sports complex where he found himself without allies. But, the love for the nation is stronger and without anyone’s help, he faced a supporter of the albiceleste wanting to provoke him.

With typical hand gestures to encourage a team, the Argentine began to declare songs, while the Australian approached him wanting to go to the fists. Maybe because he was alone, or maybe in order not to cause chaos he didn’t dare reach out his arms to hit him. Security did have to act quickly to prevent something stronger from happening.



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