Professional baseball “ active draft ”, after implementation, each team will notify the nominated players respectively After it is all over, the nomination results will be announced collectively from NPB |

■ 2022.12.08 Chunichi Sports

Active professional baseball draft held for the first time on the 9th Listing more than 2 players for each team, will it be an opportunity to increase participation opportunities?

After the implementation of the professional baseball `` active draft '', each team will notify the nominated players After it is all over, NPB will announce the nomination results collectively

On the day of the draft, each team notifies the chairman of the players they want to acquire, and the provisional order of nominations is determined according to the order in which the most desired players gather. One point is whether or not the other teams list the players they want.

After the draft on the 9th, each team will notify their nominated players. After all that is done, the nomination results will be announced collectively from NPB.

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December 9th (Friday) 13:00-Professional baseball “active draft” will be held The final rule is …

If you refuse to transfer at the professional baseball “active draft” held on December 9, 2022…

Will it be announced in the form of public notice from NPB?

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