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Britain’s Prince William and his wife were booed by some spectators at a basketball stadium in Boston during their visit to the United States.

According to Sky News and The Times on the 1st (local time), the crowd cheered for Prince William and his wife at the Boston Celtics home game on the 30th (local time) of the US National Basketball Association (NBA). I sent a reaction mixed with boos. Prince William is visiting the United States for three days starting from the 30th of last month.

The crowd was generally surprised and welcomed when the announcer in the hall introduced Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, but some jokingly shouted “USA.”

The boos sent by some spectators on the same day were due to the royal family’s racism issue that came to light just before the arrival of the Crown Prince and Princess in the United States. The problem is that Mrs. Susan Hussey, who is also the godmother of Prince William (her godmother = witness of the christening ceremony), kept asking black participants at a Buckingham Palace event, “Where did she really come from?” Became. Susan Hussey resigned immediately the next day.

Prince William immediately drew a line through his press secretary, saying that “racism is unacceptable in our society,” but the controversy even affected his visit to the United States.

Some analysts have speculated that early last year, the Crown Prince’s younger brother Prince Harry and his wife exposed racism in the royal family in an interview with American television. The royal couple will soon receive the Human Rights Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights in New York. The reason for the award is that he heroically fought against structural racism within the royal family.

Meanwhile, Prince William will receive his self-made ʻEarthshot Award` in Boston and will meet US President Biden in Washington. The Earthshot Prize is an environment-related award created by Prince William in 2020 and is awarded to innovative ideas that solve global problems.



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