Preventive measures in the event of an earthquake

In Cuba the seismic danger is appreciatedaAlthough there is a probability of occurrence of this type of event throughout the national territory, the region oriental is considered the largest risk due to its proximity to the Oriente fault zone, which is located at the limit of the North America and the Caribbean.
The time and place where an earthquake will occur cannot be predicted, to the best of our ability to do is to be informed and prepared to act quickly and effectively when it occurs. produce.

Preventive measures before the occurrence of a earthquake: You must:
Have a bag or backpack near the exit door with: a flashlight, candles, matches, drinking water, a whistle, a portable radio, first aid medicines, personal hygiene, dry food, a photocopy of the identification of the members of the family, a change of clothes and garments to protect yourself from the elements.

Keep the exit accesses of all properties free of obstacles.

Know how and where electricity and gas are disconnected.

always carry personal identification.

At home, workplace or study determine and know the safest areas for our protection, as well as the objects that could become a danger (pictures, mirrors, lamps, hanging pots etc. and relocatedloosen them or secure them so that they do not could fall on you during seismic activity.

Locate clear places and areas that offer security such as: squares, small squares, parks,
patios, land, avenues and others, where people can movebe in shape fast and organized.
Do not return to the property until indicated by the competent authorities.

Define and meet the family meeting point.

Yes you can, turn off the electricity and gas.

If you have opportunity to leave, do so immediately, but without panic, with equanimity, remain calm and reassure those around you.

Locate yourself in a place that offers security, where you will not be reached by electrical cables, walls or other objectsthey can fall

To do?: If you are on the street:
stay away from the polesbuildings, walls, facades, trees and electrical cables.

If you are in tall buildings:
stay away from balconies and crystals, and outputthe property once the jerks of organized manner, no panic, don’t push, don’t yell.

Do not use the elevators.

And you you find in a building of the system constructive large soviet panel you must to protectthe in the bathroom area and if you are in a building of the IMS construction system (buildings of 8, 12 y 18 plants) you will protect yourself in areas close to cabbageumnas.

Whether found in a building of one or two levels:
If you don’t have a chance to go out, head over towards some corner or column of the propertyotherwise, dIt is only the steps that allow you to get under a safe place, such as a marco or one doors that are resistant, o and desk or sturdy tablecover and the head with the manos!

Stay away from windows and glass doors.

Whether found inside a public transport or a car:
Stop as quickly as possible in an open area, stay off bridges, tracks
hills, slopes and stay inside the vehicle until the tremor passes.

Always stay away from electricity, trees, buildings and other elements that present risks.

Stay away from walls and facades.

Then proceed cautiously, watching the road and bridges for any damage. If you have to go outside, keep an eye out for objects that fall down, downed power lines, walls and bridges

if found in public places (cinema, theater, shopsand places congested):
Stay in a safe place, cover your head with your hands and keep calmnrun it towards the doors. Stay away from shelves that contain objects that could fall on you.

If you are in a crowded place, do not run, you may fall and be run over by others personas.

If you are on the beach, get out and move quickly at least 300 meters from the shore.

Stay away from windows or other objects that can fall on you.

leave calmly the property when possible.

Remember that your cooperation and solidarity is needed more than ever.

help the childrendisabled and people vulnerable.

Be prepared for aftershocks that may occurwhich are generally less violent than the main quake, but strong enough to cause additional damage to weakened structures.

Stay away from danger and cfull with hygienic measuresSanitary.

If you are caught in debris:
Apply first aid in the form of self-help or mutual aid. If there is any left by your side injured person, check for serious injuries and do not move unless in danger eminent.

If you have a whistle, use it and/or emit loud sounds at intervals, as well as hit objects of metal so rescuers can find it.

Do not light matches, candles or open flames. There may be gas in the environment.

Try not to move, noand raise dust. Cover your mouth with a tissue or your clothing.

If you are trapped in a place where there is a release of a dangerous substance, cover your airways with a damp tissue.

Being prepared greatly reduces the impact of a larger earthquake. ̈Ensure that the population assumes its preventive security as a rule of life and know how to act in any disaster situation.



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