Plérin: the Océane room had a badminton Sunday – Plérin

Badminton Plérinais hosted, this Sunday, December 18, its annual youth departmental tournament, which was more than full (about fifteen badminton players on the waiting list) with 85 players on the pitch. These, representing 18 clubs, competed on twelve tables, with a timing that allowed everyone to meet at the bar, to follow the most intense moments of the final… of football.


While the cadet and minimal Elite finals were 100% Plérinaise, with the respective victories of Tom Prévoteau over Adrien Soulier and Thibaut Chauvin over Gaspard Béroul, the other tables saw the following winners. In the Elite series: youngest, Aymeric Brigant (Trégueux); youngest, Lise Prigent (Trégueux); miniaturettes, Méline Robino (Trégueux).

In the Espoir series: youngest, Nathan Balcou (Ploubazlannec); cadets, Evan Guitton (Saint-Méen); minimal, Louis Gaumer (Binic); youngest, Pauline Henry (Ploubaz); miniettes, Alice Roquigny (Saint-Brieuc). The chick and youngest paintings were won by Noa Mauduit and Juliette Herviou, from Rostrenen.


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