Pesaro: La Vuelle falls in Trento at the end of a complicated game. 79-75 the score

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– “Dirty” game and decided above all by the episodes played at the BLM Group Arena. Trento prepared the game well by imparting his game and breaking the characteristic rhythm of the Pesaro attack. Many and unusual errors from the arc for Repesa’s team which, despite this, also reaches a double-digit advantage at a certain point in the match. The landlords didn’t give up and came out on top thanks to the grit and play of the usual Forray. The coach whistled against Moretti in the last minute was also decisive.

QUINTETS: Pesaro: Moretti, Abdur-Rahkman, Charalampopoulos, Cheatham, Mazzola

Trento: Flaccadori, Lockett, Crawford, Udom, Atkins


Two ball. First points for the VL thanks to Mazzola’s tap in rebound. Flaccadori finds the foul on a shot and makes no mistake from the line. Rahkman does the same. Moretti is between being ready on Cheatham’s discharge and scores from three. Atkins scores with half hook. On the other hand, Chara is caught free under the basket which he makes comfortably. 9-4 for guests. Rahkman takes another trip to the line and puts two. Naive foul by Udom on Charalampopoulos’ three-point shot. Forray penetrates and scores helped by iron. Great stoppage and shot by Mazzola that he scores from average. Atkins in the line. Finally comes the seasonal debut of captain Carlos Delfino. 14-8. Mazzola easily supports two other points. Great start for him. After Atkins’ basket comes the captain’s first basket of the season from beyond the arc. Atkins could be a problem for the Pesaro defense today. Two more baskets for him who reaches ten. VL time out on 14-19. Foot archery on the line for Delfino. Flaccadori takes the team on his shoulders by scoring two consecutive baskets. The last points of the quarter are from Cheatham with the great triple on the captain’s discharge. 18-24.


Do it to Grazulis after a bad turnover. The opposing player is not wrong. Delfino doesn’t hesitate to take his shots and he does well. Another bomb and 8 points on the scoresheet. Gudmundsson does it all by himself on the counterattack and scores even conceding the foul. Good time for Pesaro. 20-29. Alley-oop from the Icelander for Mazzola who forces Trento to time out. Attempt to escape from the vuelle. Atkins lets his players breathe by inventing a long-range shot. Flaccadori cunningly suffers the foul. Depleted bonus and shortening distance. VL who hasn’t scored in a while and Forray takes advantage of it. 25-31. He doesn’t shake Crawford’s hand on the three-pointer. He returns to score the vuelle with Rahkman and Moretti. Always an inspired Crawford scores in penetration. 30-35. Crawford still unleashed with the place from three. Game that returns to balance on the plus 2 Pesaro. Moretti scores with acrobatics and then also serves Rahkman on the counterattack. Then the coach is caught for flopping on defense. Udom from the charity line is 2/2. Till now game not exactly spectacular with many mistakes on both sides. Trento lights up with Udom’s dunk and recovery in defense. Minus one for the hosts. Thus ends the first half, 38-39 for Vuelle.


Back to the field. Trento takes the lead thanks to Crawford’s triple. Fails to score the LV. Rahkman will take care of unlocking Pesaro after almost 5 minutes with a triple from the dribble. Chara finds the foul and makes free throws. 41-44. Forray finds Atkins leaning to the basket. Mazzola does the same with Charalampopoulos who crushes. Luckily there is Rahkman who on the counterattack draws another joker from three. time out Molin and more 6. 43-49. Power forray finds the basket from underneath. Not a great night for Cheatham. Forray steals the ball from him and scores on the break. Rahkman in the line makes more than 4. Again Forray rebounds before the others. Back in the game Cheatham with the bomb. Gudmundsson recovers the ball and is fouled on the counterattack. Udom with the arrest and long shot. Valid basket by Moretti who then also scores the free throw. 52-58. Photocopy action of Flaccadori that shortens the distances. The fourth ends 55-58.


Crawford served on the counterattack is minus one. Moretti finds an improbable basket from average. Mazzola falls for Udom’s feint who scores with a foul. Time out Repesa. Parity. Flaccadori lights up and in penetration he draws another basket with a foul. 63-60 for Trent. He realizes Cheatham but Atkins immediately puts a patch on it. Delicate moment for the vuelle. Unlucky Moretti who fails the three-point game. 2/2. Fifth foul by Lockett and new trip to the line for Moretti. 65-66. Atkins finds a daring basket for the new Trento lead. Rahkman takes care of it which he realizes in penetration. Big triple from Mazzola out of rhythm. Plus 4. Udom is perhaps the best of his. Two more for the Trentino wing. Crawford finds an average basket that brings the game to a draw. Moretti goes to the line and scores both free throws. He is also a lunette for Flaccadori. It’s back to a draw two minutes from the end. Forray with a basic triple for him. 76-73 and one minute on the clock. Moretti’s madness that after having found an excellent basket, he takes a technician following a breakthrough. plus two Trents and 20 seconds to go. Forray scores free throws by plus 4. Time out Pesaro. The game ends after Cheatham’s failed three-point attempt. 79-75 the score.

TABELLINI: Forray 16, Flaccadori 16, Udom 14, Crawford 15, Atkins 16, Grazulis 2, Lockett, Ladurner,

Pesaro: Moretti 20, Abdur-Rahkman 18, Mazzola 11, Gudmundsson 3, Charalampopoulos 7, Cheatham 8, Delfino 8, Visconti,



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