Peñarol and a valuable victory against Platense in Mar del Plata

The “Milrayitas” returned to victory this Wednesday against “Squid” by 73 to 70. Good defensive closing and, especially, by Al Thornton.

(Photo: Demian Scheider / Peñarol press)

After the incredible defeat against Riachuelo, Peñarol played again in Mar del Plata and, in a game that was tied and very equal throughout the 40′, he returned to victory after overcoming by 73 to 70 to Platense at the Islas Malvinas Sports Center.

With better game passages and mainly with a better defense in the hottest moments of the match, the Milrayitas He obtained a valuable victory in which he celebrated again in front of his fans. The former NBA, Al Thorntonwas once again decisive and with a great closure, he was one of the figures of the meeting and ended with a scoresheet 17 points (5/8 shooting), 2 rebounds and a PIR of 19. In addition, throughout the meeting it was also highlighted Bruno Sansimoni with 21 points, 5 assists and 3 steals.

With this victory, Peñarol reached a parity record with six wins and six falls, and their next meeting will be Saturday from 10 p.m. when visiting Argentino de Junín.

The equality both in the game and in the result was present throughout the first half, although a large part of the 20′ Peñarol was up on the scoreboard from a great level of its base Frog Sansimoni who, for the long rest, accumulated 14 points and 3 assists. For his part, Platense managed to lead the score in a few minutes of the second quarter, but towards the end of the game the club found some offensive fluidity again to finally go to the locker room up by 5 points (37-32).

Around the game rectangle and with a burst, the team from Mar del Plata reached a maximum of 10 pointsalthough slowly those directed by Carlos Vázquez resumed at a distance of one ball to go to the decisive fourth only 2 points down (54-52).

The match continued with great parity but, intelligently and strategically, Adrián Capelli put Cristian Cardo and Pablo Alderete on the field to don’t wear down Al Thornton and leave it physically whole for the final minutes. And it didn’t turn out badly since the experienced foreigner who played more than 300 games in the NBA was key to sealing the victory for Peñarol de Mar del Plata by 73 to 70.


Penarol (73): Bruno Sansimoni 21, Jose Defelippo 5, Tomás Monacchi 7, Al Thornton 17 and Amadou Sidibe 7 (Fl); Joaquin Valinotti 4, Paul Alderete 12, Augustine Caffaro 0, Christian Thistle 0 and Facundo Tolosa 0. DT: Adrian Capelli.

Platense (70): Enzo Cafferata 0, Stanley Scott 0, Julian Morales 18, John Sebastian Morales 11 and Demarco Owens 17 (FI); Victor Fernandez 5, Alexander Alloatti 7, Santiago Barrales 4, Nicola Pomoli. DT: Carlos Vazquez.

Partial: 19-18; 18-14 (37-32); 17-20 (54-52) y 19-18 (73-70)

Referees: Daniel Rodrigo, Rodrigo Castillo and Silvio Guzman.

Estadio: Falkland Islands Sports Center.

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