Pelé will be honored by the Santos club in Brazil: emotional detail on his 2023 shirt | Other Football Leagues

Santos from Brazil owes the greatness of its history to Pelé: between 1958 and 1974, ‘O Rei’ played 1,120 matches and scored 1,087 goals, and the club won 6 Brazilian League titles, 2 Copa Libertadores, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 1 Super Cup of Intercontinental Champions and 14 regional titles.

The Brazilian team is awaiting Pelé’s critical moment, as colon cancer has aggravated his state of health, and there is talk that his life has entered a regressive countdown. That is why The star’s children are accompanying him at the Albert Einstein Israeli Hospital in Sao Paulo, and he would be saying goodbye to the rest of his relatives.

Santos He has been aware of Pelé’s health, and for that reason he would be going ahead to pay homage to him. That is why he had his stadium, Vila Belmiro, and there would be his funeral if he died in the coming weeks.

In addition, the club confirmed that it will have an emotional tribute on its shirt for the 2023 season. The shocking detail will honor ‘O Rei’. And like every king, he will have his crown.

The president of the Deliberative Council of the São Paulo team, Celso Jatene, confirmed that the shield stamped on the uniform will be accompanied by a crown.

“The crown will already be on the 2023 shirt. Santos will play with the crown on the badge: the two stars (from their two Brazilian titles) and a crown on the top of the badge,” the Santos manager reported.


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