Pelé, three days of mourning in Brazil. Stallone: ​​”Great man.” Argentina ignites the controversy: “One of the best”

Tribute from NASA

Even NASA, the American space agency, pays tribute to O Rei of football, Pele, who died today at the age of 82. On his Twitter profile, he shows a photo of a galaxy “with the colors of Brazil”. “Signifying the passing of the mythical Pele, known to many as the king of the ‘beautiful game’, this image of a spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor shows the colors of Brazil.” In the photo, the stars form a spiral, the center of which colors are yellow and green, among the starlight.

Michael Jordan: essence of greatness

Also Michael Jordanfor many the best basketball player of all time, pays tribute to Skin and he does so almost wanting to take second place to those he considers older than him. In fact, MJ publishes the photo of a 1999 event in which “Sport Illustrated” managed to bring together many legends of US sport, including Pele, who was considered “at home” due to his past in the NY Cosmos.

And in that image Jordan had placed himself in the back row, between Bill Russell and Tiger Woods, while Muhammad Ali, Pelé and Kareem Abdul Jabbar were in front of the Chicago Bulls phenomenon. And Jordan refers to Ali and O Rei who were close in that photo, writing «what a moment it was that day (1999) with the greatest of all time… you are right next to #Ali, you are the essence of greatness. Rest in peace # Pele, and the others we lost. Condolences to the family and friends going through these hard times.”

Stallone: ​​a great and good man

“A great, a good man.” Sylvester Stallone also pays tribute to the memory of Pele. The American actor starred with O Rei in “Escape to Victory”, and on his Instagram profile he posted a photo of them together, with a message of condolences. “Rest in peace”.

Platini: he was the God of football

«He was Mr. football, the history of football, the discovery of football, all of football. In 1970, I was 15, and I grew up with his face in my imagination. My father spoke to me about Pelé and at school I signed “Peléatini”. Even though we didn’t always see him play, we talked about him. He was no longer a man, he was no longer a footballer, he was the God of Football ».

This is how Michel Platini remembers Pelé, who passed away yesterday at the age of 82. “I am very very moved. It’s my life. It’s my story. It’s Pele. It was my childhood dreams. I’ve seen his goals, his plays and I’ve never forgotten the 1970 World Cup », adds Platini to the team.

Gigi Riva: how much I would have loved to play with him

«A great man and a great player is gone.” So Gigi Rivto Ansa on the disappearance of Pele. «We knew each other and we esteemed each other a lot – continued Rombo di Tuono – he and Maradona remain at a clear distance from everyone. I would have loved to play with him: who knows how many balls he would have sent me into the area». Instead, only opponents, from the Mexico 1970 final to the friendly match in Cagliari with Santos: «That day, after the match – he said – we went out together: he too invited me to his team’s retreat. An exceptional player and a special person.”

Argentine Federation: «One of the best disappears». Social controversy

The tweet with which the Federcalcio dell’Argentina expressed his condolences on the loss of Pele. “Deep pain. The AFA, through its President Claudio Tapia – is the message of the tweet – suffers for the disappearance of the legendary Brazilian footballer Skinone of the best players in history, and sends his warmest hug to his family and to all of Brazil».

What caused controversy was the fact that he called O Rei “one of the best” and not the best in history, a sign that the Argentines continue to consider Maradona, Di Stefano and now Messi as equal if not superior to Pelé. So here is a series of insults and resentful comments, a sign of a rivalry between Brazilians and Argentines that will never end. In the name of football and beyond.

The death of Skin continues to arouse deep emotion throughout the Brazil, where outgoing president Jair Bolsonaro decreed three days of national mourning. But in honor of King the city authorities of many city locations have decided to illuminate statues, monuments and significant places. So in Rio de Janeiro last night Christ the Redeemer who “embraces” the Marvelous City from Corcovado was lit up with the colors of the Selecao, the green-and-gold, and the Maracana, the stadium where Pele scored , from a penalty and against Vasco da Gama, his thousandth goal. «Illuminated in gold in homage to the greatest of all time. Thanks again for everything and rest in peace, Rei», the words on the official Twitter account of the Maracana.

People still on the street, in Rua Rei Pelé, in Rio in the Jardim Tri-Campeao area, and in a street with the same name in Cariacica, a town in the state of Espirito Santo. “We are still here because, even if we are in a “favela”, it is an honor to live in a street named after him, and we must celebrate him,” one of the inhabitants explained to the Globo group networks. Also illuminated in yellow-green is the Palazzo dos Bandeirantes in Sao Paulo, the official residence of the governor of the state, in the Morumbi district. Also illuminated in honor of Pelé is the square that bears his name in the city where he was born, Tres Coracoes, and where there is the statue of No. 10 lifting the Rimet Cup.

Lights with the colors of Brazil also in the street of Santos where the centenary mother, Donna Celeste, lives and in the technical center of Santos, the Rei Pelé, and the same thing for the Rei Pelé stadium in Maceiò, where the two city clubs play. This facility was completed, and inaugurated with a match of Pelé’s Santos, in 1970, the year of the conquest of the world “tri-championship” in Mexico. Meanwhile, Richarlison, the Sele‡ao striker who came to light at the World Cup in Qatar, has made it known that he has tattooed on his back the phrase that Pelé sent him, one of O Rei’s last messages via social media, after the elimination of Brazil in the quarter-finals against Croatia: «Keep it up, boy. And don’t change. You made Brazil smile».


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