Pelé, the photo of his daughter on social networks in the hospital: “Another night together”

Kely Nascimento shared the difficult moments for his father’s health on social media: “Let’s stay here, in the struggle and in the faith”

“Let’s stay here, in struggle and in faith. Another night together”. The touching post, on Christmas Eve, comes from Pelé’s daughter, Kely Nascimento, with a post directly from the hospital room. With a photo that says it all: O Rei, in bed with an intubation, and the sweet embrace of her daughter.

the illness

Pelé, 82, has been battling colon cancer for some time. The latest bulletins from the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo speak of “renal and heart failure”: “I want to thank everyone for the affection, messages and prayers we receive for our father. I say this on behalf of myself and the whole family Pele’s son Edinho, a former goalkeeper and now coach in the Brazilian Serie B, had said in the last few hours. “Sometimes I take moments to reflect and pray. Some moments are difficult”.


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