Pallacanestro Trapani ko with Torino, the grenades no longer win at home • Trapani Headline – .

Pallacanestro Trapani took to the field this morning within the walls of the Pala Auriga for the lunch match against Mister Ciani’s Reale Mutua Torino, on the tenth day of the green group of Serie A2 Old Wild West.

The match report:Reale Mutua approaches the match better, thanks to the precision of Matteo Schina who scored 8 points in 7 minutes. Trapani relies on captain Marco Mollura, who keeps his team afloat with two 3-point baskets. The grenades lose too many balls and don’t even score a point in the area, unlike Torino who take advantage of it with physicality and competitiveness by closing the first period ahead 15-19. In the second quarter, Torino put the arrow in thanks to Simone Pepe and with an 8-0 run, they went up 12 on 20-32 in the 16th minute. Trapani continues to shoot from long range with the newcomer Stumbris who however scores 0/7, Torino practically rotates the entire bench and effortlessly returns to the locker room 15 lengths ahead 29-44 with an orderly and pleasant team game from watch . dominating the paint and handing out almost triple the hosts’ assists. The 2B Control is bad, imprecise and not at all on the piece, which shoots with only 32%.

The second half sees the guests start very strong and with the bombs of Mayfield and Guariglia they immediately reach +21 on 31-52 after 21 and a half minutes of play. Trapani reacts and with 8 points from Stumbris and Carter he gets back to -15 in the 25th minute on 39-54. Schina and Poser extend, Mollura responds with a 4-point game, followed by another 4 points from Stumbris for the 47-59 of the 29th minute. Trapani believes it, referee challenged by the landlords penalized on some whistles. Ikangi’s average basket closes the third period on 47-61 for the Piedmontese.

Last quarter with Mollura who immediately goes to -11 before fishing for a coach, which Turin takes advantage of by returning firmly to the lead. Trapani already in bonus after 3 minutes is bad news for coach Parente but Marco Mollura’s twentieth point is worth -13 with 5 minutes to go on 59-72. Pepe, De Vico and Schina are not there and end the match. It ends 67-80 for Reale Mutua. Fourth consecutive home defeat for the grenades, who will necessarily have to reverse the trend within the friendly walls to obtain salvation.

Basketball Trapani – Reale Mutua Torino 67-80 (15-19; 14-25; 18-17; 20-19)

2B Control Drills Basketball: Carter 12, Lentini 0, Rupil 0, Minor 0, Romeo 7, Guaiana 3, Dancetovic 0, Tsetserukou 6, Mollura 20, Massone 7, Stumbris 12. Coach Daniele Parente.

Royal Mutua Turin: Mayfield 6, Vencato 12, Schina 13, Jackson 2, Poser 8, Avino ne, Guariglia 11, De Vico 11, Ikangi 5, Pepe 12. Coach Franco Ciani.



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