Opinion on the World Cup: The path of Red

The World Cup of ignominy, the one that ends with the members –djellaba and turban included– of the Qatari “Chiringuito” mocking the elimination of Germany, continues to leave us daily lessons. The last one is summed up by the face of Luis Suárez, the “uruguaaaaayoooo” formerly of Barça, on the bench crying and biting his shirt once he and his team were out when South Korea was beating the Portugal of the little princess of Madeira , Against all odds. The same face, the same face, that could have remained for that part of Spain that goes with Luis Enrique if Germany does not do us the favor of beating Costa Rica.

The German victory has also saved us from the eternal debate that Japan’s second goal would have become: whether the ball went out, whether it was inside, whether the perpendicular, whether the parallel, whether the extension of the circumference , what if pi and the prime numbers… Anyway, you know what’s up, my friends, the move would have entered the gallery of horrors in Spain in World Cups, European Cups and other family.

Once the group stage is finished, another World Cup begins, the real one, the one that does not allow mistakes, minutes of relaxation or becoming a speculator at home. Morocco is already waiting for what they tell us is the easy path. We’ll see which way, if towards rooms or towards the nearest airport, did you hear, dude?


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