Obscene silence from FIFA. JUDO Sports model

While the “World Cup” has focused all media attention in a large international circus.

When it cost billions. Starting with the host country Qatar, which was also pilloried. Shamelessly vilified on all sides in absolute indecency by salon lesson givers in a delirious mix between sport and geo-politics.

At the key moment of the handing over of the cups – which is why everything is organized – the Argentinian Emilio Martinez commits an obscene gesture on the day of the handing over of the golden hand.

The obscene gesture rightly shocks Qatar – very badly thanked! – and the whole world.

Back home, this goalkeeper who should be accountable and the player Messi continue to “room” dirty. As a result, the image of winning Argentina changes globally into an aggressive, vulgar Argentina.

Fifa’s silence is itself obscene.

All the credibility of football falls since the competition is organized to select the best which in the end plunges the whole of football into ridicule.


I am a black belt in judo in 1977. It shields your mind. And teaches you to RESPECT the opponent.

This among the first black belt girls from the Vittel club after training at the Contrexéville club under the guidance of Professor Salvini.

In judo: we salute the mat before entering. The adversary is greeted with a bow.

Judo is a self-respecting sport. And of the public.

Sylvie Neidinger

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