Nike Basketball Shoe Peeling Out in 3 Months

Although the basketball shoes I bought were only used while playing basketball (2 per week), the soles peeled off within 3 months. Although the Sneaks Up ® employees agreed with me after seeing the situation, Nike did not find any problems with the shoes. And my 2080 lira was gone in 3 months and no official did anything about it. Before that, I played with n** b*** shoes for 1 year and they were not basketball shoes, the shoe is still intact Nike is the smallest explanation about how a 2 meters 10 cm 110 kg player sold the basketball player’s Signature shoe and then a 66 kg person like me peeled it off the sole in 3 months he didn’t.

I chose Nike because it is a big brand and I trust its quality, but it seems that New Balance ® walking shoes are more durable than Nike. When I took the shoes, they couldn’t even find my invoice because they wrote the name a** ah*** for hours. Indeed, I think we grow these brands thanks to the advertisements they make and the stars they attach to them.



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