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He is back again!

20 days after the World Cup in Qatar, Niclas Füllkrug (29) is back at Werder. His vacation actually ends on January 1st, but the DFB promoted team (two tournament goals) returned to the Bremen dressing room earlier than necessary after his well-deserved trip to the Maldives.

Werder football boss Clemens Fritz to BILD: “It was important to clear your head after a tournament like this. He’s fine, he’s been treated and he’s doing his own program. It is not planned that he will be on the pitch with the boys in the next few days. Fulness wants to join the team in good physical condition on January 2nd. He is very ambitious and has big plans. That shows how conscientious he is.”

But whether he will actually continue to wear the Werder diamond after his impressive season so far (10 league goals) remains to be seen. In an interview with Sport BILD, Füllkrug does not rule out a change: “The fact is that the club is not in a good financial situation and might also deal with it.”

A transfer from Füllkrug (contract until 2025) would be a huge sporting weakness, but income in the tens of millions would reduce Bremen’s mountain of debt.

Werder before a hot filling jug in January

Important: Currently no club has knocked for a change. But the transfer window in the top five leagues is open until January 31. Fritz to BILD: “If an offer comes that we can’t refuse, we have to sit down with him.”

Fritz knows that Füllkrug doesn’t want to leave with all his might. “It’s not in his interest to change clubs now because he’s incredibly comfortable here. We plan with him and don’t concern ourselves with handing him over.”


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What speaks in favor of staying at Werder is the close bond between fans and team. He experienced it very differently in the national team.

Füllkrug: “It is frightening how much resentment the national team received from the public in Germany. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, I already observed it as a spectator: you get the feeling that the national team is sometimes wished for failure rather than success. I don’t know why that is.”

In any case, everyone in Bremen wishes him continued success – preferably in a Werder jersey.


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