Neymar, Rosell and Bartomeu, acquitted in the trial for the signing of the Brazilian footballer

The bench of the accused in the trial for fraud and corruption in the signing of the footballer Neymar by the club in 2013.
Eli Don – ACN

The Barcelona Court has acquitted the former Brazilian footballer of Barça Neymar Jrtheirs pares and the former presidents of the Barcelona club Sandro Rosell i Joseph Maria Bartomeu of crime of corruption among individuals for the signing of the striker. According to the court, which accepted the thesis of the defenses and the final change of criteria of the prosecution, there was no simulated contract or a bribe from Barça to Neymar Jr to save himself from paying more money to the DIS fund, which had a share of the rights of the player. For this reason, the sentence acquits them of the crimes of corruption between individuals, bribery or improper fraud, also at the two clubs involved, a leader of Santos and the family company of the Neymars.


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