NBA: Kevin Durant forgets Bara: “I don’t think it will happen…”

Athose rumors that joined the paths of Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets superstar and one of the greatest scorers of all time, and Ftbol Club Barcelona in a supposed signing of the forward at the end of his career have been buried by ‘Easy Money Sniper’. Durant affirmed that this pass to the Euroleague and the club which is practically impossible.

It started in 2019, when Durant explained that he would like to play for Barcelona at the end of his career. To this, his former partner and friend, Draymond Green, added that “I hope he does well. Whether it’s in Brooklyn or Barcelona next year.” Bomb to the entire European scene. And he did not stay there, because last year the ‘7’ went to the Playoff series between Monaco and Olympiacos to see his friend Mike James in action.

But that supposed relationship with the Euroleague seems buried. “It was a few years ago. We were winning championships, he was playing well and that makes you think about the end because you reach the maximum in the NBA. I respect the Euroleague, I watch the games, but I highly doubt it will happen. They are fine when I said it,” he told ‘EuroHoops’.

But it contrasts with the ignorance about the Bara. “Is Mirotic there, right? I don’t know many people there. I know I follow Mike James who played several years with me and there are several boys there. And I encourage them to be able to play in the Euroleague, after the NBA it is the second best league in the world,” he said.



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