NBA, Boston Celtics Orlando Magic : live streaming

NBA, Boston Celtics Orlando Magic : live streaming


After the first 23 games of his NBA career, Paolo Banchero has already shown many positive aspects of his game, not regretting at all having spent the first overall pick on him. On the occasion of the match against the Boston Celtics, to follow on Sky Sport channels and exceptionally streaming on from 9 p.m., we take stock so far BOSTON-ORLANDO STREAMING ON SKYSPORT.IT

One thing is certain for now: no one, absolutely no one, in Orlando regrets the somewhat surprising decision to call Paolo Banchero with the first overall pick in the latest draft. It may not seem like much, but in reality it was not so obvious that the player with the Italian passport convinced everyone from his debut in the NBA. not only reporting himself as one of the best rookies in the leaguebut also like the pillar around which to build the rest of the list of a team which, after a difficult start, finds itself

THE HARD START OF MAGIC | The Magic have had a poor start to the season, losing 20 of their first 25 games, including a nine-game losing streak that plunged them into last place in the Eastern Conference, with poor performances both offensively and defensively. It certainly didn’t help a Banchero’s ankle injuryabsent seven races in November following a sprain, and the many physical problems he had especially in the guard department, battered by injuries

THE REBIRTH OF THE LAST FIVE RACES | For the past ten days, however, the Magic have only known victories: five consecutive hits against level opponents such as LA Clippers, Toronto (twice), Atlanta and especially Boston, winning on the field of the team with the best record in the NBA. And say that the Magic had won only once on the road this seasona bold success in Chicago thanks to a field goal from Jalen Suggs


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