Mizuki Mokusai “The youth of a hero with a reason and a weak judo club member” (Golden Eagle)-Kakuyom

  • ★★★

The main character, Izumo, is a member of a small judo club with only one member. He managed to keep the club alive with his seniors, but he couldn’t even participate in the team competition unless one more member gathered.

When Izumo learns that Takaoka, the national champion in junior high school who once made the judo world lively, is in his class, he approaches him, but…
It would have been easy for him to go to school with a sports recommendation. Why doesn’t he join the judo club? There was something about him that he couldn’t give up.

It’s a universal theme of sports and youth, but I got the impression that this work puts more emphasis on the heat of human relationships rather than the heat of the sport itself, judo. Therefore, it is a work that even people who are not familiar with judo can fully enjoy.
How will Izumo act when he learns about Takaoka’s circumstances? How will Takaoka’s consciousness change after coming into contact with Izumo and other members of the judo club?
When you finish reading to the end, there is no doubt that your heart will be hot.


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