Minnesota Twins willing to ‘go a long way’ to bring back Carlos Correa in MLB 2023


From the Minneapolis franchise they warn that they are willing to “build a roster around him” to convince him.

Carlos Correa, shortstop for Minnesota Twins in MLB 2022
© Duane Burleson/Getty ImagesCarlos Correa, shortstop for Minnesota Twins in MLB 2022

Another of the most valued free agents in the market for Major League Baseball (MLB) is the puerto rican Carlos Correawho backed out of his contract with Minnesota Twins to seek a multi-million dollar deal in the 2023 season.

The shortstop made use of the option he had in his contract with Minneapolis last season, which was for three years and a salary of $105 million dollarsto go for a link that, you want, exceeds what someone asks for Aaron Judge.

However, with what Correa, and his agent Scott Boras What they didn’t count on is that the Twins are not willing to pass up the opportunity to have him. boricua for MLB 2023 and will seek “do a great effort” to bring it back.

Twins will make effort “from another world” to retain Correa

The information is reported by Jeff Passanof the chain ESPNand indicates that the Twins “they are making an otherworldly effort to renew it”and by the way “will try build the roster around him for the next season.”

In addition, the reporter informs that the next contract that Correa will receive in the Free Agency for MLB 2023 could exceed $250 million dollarsin addition to being the first field that is without a team that will sign a contract next winter.



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