Minister of Finance Şan, Foundations Wheelchair Basketball Team sports

Minister of Finance Alisan SanThe Disabled Sports Federation gave a meal in honor of the Foundations Wheelchair Basketball Team athletes.

According to the ministry statement, the athletes of the Disabled Sports Federation Foundations Wheelchair Basketball Team, their trainers, the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedic Disabled Association President Günay Kibrit, the Disabled Sports Federation President Ahmet Akdeniz and the members of the board of directors attended the dinner.

In his speech at the dinner, Şan congratulated the athletes and managers of the Foundations Wheelchair Basketball Team for the Disabled Sports Federation, which defeated the Mardin Kızıltepe Wheelchair Basketball Team in the match held in Mardin on the ‘December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities; He stated that when the opportunity is provided and success is inevitable. Şan said, “You are the best example of this. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.”

Speaking with the athletes, Şan said, “Your energy, determination, belief and joy of life set an example for all of us. By overcoming obstacles, you represent our country strongly in every country and city you visit, you wave our flag and you make us feel great pride.”

Noting that the fact that every person is a candidate for disability should always be kept in mind, Şan said, “It is our common duty to support our disabled brothers’ active participation in social life, to increase their quality of life, to create employment opportunities and to provide opportunities for this. We are with you. I promise that I will be with you tomorrow, as I was yesterday and today, as long as we can and as long as the opportunities allow.


Disabled Sports Federation President Ahmet Akdeniz, in his speech, stated that the athletes of the Foundations Wheelchair Basketball Team of the Disabled Sports Federation are licensed players in Europe and their success has proven to the whole world.

Akdeniz: “Our aim is not to be a burden to anyone. Given the opportunity, it is obvious that we have been successful in many areas when we are taken into consideration as a subject. We are always ready for any kind of cooperation with both the state and the private sector.”


Günay Kibrit, President of the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedically Disabled Association, was the Minister of Finance for his sincerity, awareness and sensitivity. Alisan SanHe thanked.

Match; “We are extremely happy that our Honorable Minister wanted to be with us today and especially on the occasion of ‘December 3, World Disabled Awareness Day’. Because we see that our Minister feels the awareness of this at the highest level and lives and prefers to be with us. This obviously makes us proud. I also wish him success in the difficult task he has undertaken.”


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