Mike Tyson banked Messi hard after the cross with Canelo Álvarez

The former world heavyweight champion defended the Argentine star after the unusual situation created by the Mexican super middleweight champion.

The apology of Canelo Álvarez It arrived, perhaps late, but it arrived. He was a MEA culpa Arguing that he was carried away by the love of his country and his flag, he finally recognized his mistake and asked Lionel Messi for forgiveness.

After the initiation and escalation of the situation Canelo he was left alone. She had made such a wrong interpretation of the scene of Messi and the shirt of Mexico that nobody couldstay on his side´. Messi kicking in Andrés Guardado’s uniform on the Argentine locker room floor to disrespect Mexico; it seemed absurd; but Canelo insisted that the The flea Should he apologize or was he going to have to?slap him on the face.

The Messy Army continued to add volunteers around the world. Before the Mexican admits his mistake, he said he was a heavyweight, literally; a former heavyweight champion of the world. Mike Tyson raised his voice. “Someone called ‘Canelo’ threatened Messi. If he dares to touch Messi, I will have to return to the ring.”commented in an interview with the media BBO Sports.

Mike Tyson

The unusual lack of respect that only Canelo saw

The Mexican boxer posted a video on his Twitter account and put: They saw Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag ????. and followed with another threatening tweet that the social network deleted: That I ask God that I don’t find it. Such an action was motivated by the fact that in the celebration of the Argentine national team in his locker room was the shirt of Andres Guardado, Messi she had exchanged with him, and when he wanted to take off his shoes he touched her.

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