Men’s coat: can it be worn on informal occasions?

We might think that a coat for man It is a formal garment that should only be used outdoors to complement a blazer or a full suit; however, the reality is very different, as a coat can easily be a casual garment for informal outfits that will undoubtedly give you a relaxed outfit without neglecting the refined air that you are looking to present to others.

How to wear a casual coat?

The coat for man It is an excellent complement that will not only keep you warm at this time, but can also give you a more dressed-up look than what is usually thought when wearing casual clothes. To wear it casually, try to wear a look relaxed, emphasizing materials. For example, a shelter de lana It can go very well with a cotton suit so that this type of combination achieves a balance in texture.

In this sense, choosing the coat material is essential to make it more or less formal; that is, if you opt for a corduroy or wool coat, then you will most likely achieve a more serious and sober look. This will go completely well for formal events such as work meetings or meetings with colleagues in the same profession.

Conversely, if you choose shelters made of lighter and less heavy materials, then you will have a completely different outfit that will bet completely on the relaxed, generating not only a looser silhouette, but giving a less serious air to the dress. look. You can even opt for other lighter pieces, such as a t-shirt, some linen pants and sandals. Without a doubt, this combination is great to wear on a beach getaway or at an outdoor event where it is very hot.

If you are going to use your coat for man in a cold place but you don’t want to look too formal either, so we recommend you wear a coat in shades that don’t look too wintery and serious. For this reason, avoid dark colors such as blue, black or even gray since by not using them you can give way to creativity and innovation and thus achieve a more casual outfit and without letting the look turn into a scruffy outfit.

What parts should you use?

For an effortless touch, add a sweatshirt, which will also keep you comfortable.

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