Memphis guides the Netherlands to the quarters

The Netherlands opened the round of 16 and settled comfortably into the quarter-finals where Argentina awaits. The soccer progression of the United States is still not good enough to beat a European team in a tie where the maximum degree of competitiveness is required. Only once had the American team overcome this obstacle, and it happened against Mexico in 2002. It has four years, until the World Cup that it will co-organize with Mexicans and Canadians, to climb the missing step.

A degree of maturity that has already been acquired by the Netherlands, which when it does not stumble and is left out of the World Cup (as in Russia 2018), usually goes far (sub-championship and third place) in its appearances. Without some of the greats who fell in love with several generations, but he has built a disciplined team to go back and organize in defense.

Against the United States, he knew how to manage the result against an opponent who blew the ball away. They weathered the tough times, of which there were several, and struck lethal blows: one early to manage the score, another on the stroke of half-time to go into the second half relaxed and six minutes after the United States had closed the gap and cheered up. In this orange collective work, the most relevant actions had their own name. Memphis Depay led the way to victory and showed that he has put injury behind him. Blind faced the classification before the half. Wright’s goal added excitement to the game until Dumfries scored.



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