Mbappé’s dry law: he refuses to pose with alcohol sponsorships

Not only titles define an athlete. There are 22 Grand Slams that Rafael Nadal accumulates, but his figure transcends the tennis courts. For his education, his dedication, his way of being with the fans, his media projection and also, for the brands he represents. He began by advertising Cola Cao, but now he wears Richard Mille watches on his wrist. Also Roger Federer has been defined by the sponsors with whom he embarked to complete 20 Grand Slams and beyond. There they are, even now retired: Rolex, Mercedes and Moet & Chandon, among others. In the world of football there are similar cases. And in this World Cup in Qatar, the one that transcends for all that it implies in fines and visibility, is that of Kylian Mbappé. The French player is already a star, he doubled on Sunday against Poland to confirm that he wants this World Cup and that he has arrived at his best moment to lift it. He has five goals in Qatar 2022, and nine between this and his first World Cup, Russia 2018. As many goals as Messi in his five appearances in World Cup events. He has not yet turned 24 and is the true figure that France wraps in cotton. Even allowing him not to attend press conferences, which are mandatory, and whose fines the player is happy to pay, if they are organized by some of the sponsors with whom he does not agree. He already did it in March, concentrating with France, when he refused to participate in activities organized by some of the brands that support the French team: KFC, Coca Cola and BetClic, they were left without the presence of the player. Related news standard No France 3-Poland 1 Mbappé is a bully that propels the Frenchmen to the quarterfinals Pío García standard Yes Football A kingdom of excess and prayers Pío García Mbappé takes great care of his body, his technique, his passes and also his public image of him. In this World Cup in Qatar 2022, he has imposed his own dry law: he does not allow the brand of beer associated with this event to be seen in his public appearances: Budweiser. Hence, every time they give him the trophy for Best Player of the Game (MVP), and they have been three times already, the player does not show the brand of the brewery for the snapshot and avoids the wall where the name is included . The Frenchman has declined any offer that came from sponsors involved in alcoholic beverages. But his limits go much further, as he has rejected large sums of money from companies related to fast food and sports betting because he understands them to be harmful to young people, especially the most vulnerable. His philosophy of life, of the game and of the company is defined by the association that he presides over, Inspired by KM, and is exemplified by the brands that do accompany the footballer: Nike, the watchmaker Hublot (which also wears Pelé’s wrist), the food company of organic products Good Gout, and Bulk, of beauty products for men very popular in the Asian market. In addition, he is the main image of EA Sports. In 2017 he signed a contract in which he transferred the rights to his image to the French team, but he continues to make constant requests to the Federation so that the players can also sit down in negotiations with the sponsors of the French national team. Not only goals define Mbappé.



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