Martinez got the trophy tattooed on his calf which stopped Kolo Muani’s strike

Emiliano Martinez now has the World Cup engraved in his skin.

Randal Kolo Muani will never forget this strike. Neither did Emiliano Martinez. At the very end of the match, the French stumbled on the Argentinian goalkeeper who, like a handball goalkeeper, stopped the ball with his left calf.

In extra time for the extension of this World Cup final, Randal Kolo Muani fires a quick strike with his right foot and thinks of offering the trophy to the France team. Only, the Eintracht Frankfurt striker sees his shot and his ball stopped by the opposing goalkeeper.

The rest is history. Argentina won on penalties (3-3, 4-2 on pens) and won the third World Cup in its history. World Cup now engraved in the skin of its goalkeeper.

At 30, Emiliano Martinez, if he has often shone on his line and especially during shots on goal, has not been stifled by his class and his good taste off the pitch.

Here he is decked out with a tattoo representing the trophy and the three stars on this so-called left calf, saving. “That passion leads to glory.And humility?

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