Mar del Plata women’s basketball was crowned at the Sports Center « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The women’s basketball of the Mar del Plata Association had The last Sunday a brilliant closing day. The “Islas Malvinas” Sports Center stadium hosted the finals of the Official Tournament of the four categories. The girls from Peñarol and Quilmes faced each other in the four definitions and the balance favored the “milrayitas” 3-1.

Peñarol went undefeated in the first division tournament, winning 81-44 in the definition with a scored score: 18 Micaela Barriga Naón, 17 Celeste Selent and 14 Micaela Sancisi and Tamara Dell Ollio.

The U19 one came out the most attractive of the four definitions. The girls from Peñarol (photo) prevailed with effort 67-62. The “milrayitas” Camila Weiske (27) won the duel against Candela Barbosa (25).

The Quilmes girls celebrated in U17.

Quilmes celebrated in U17 winning 60-43 with 17 points from Ariana Lorenzo, the best player in her category. Finally, in the long-awaited definition of the U15, Peñarol defeated the “tricolor” girls 46-35 with 16 points from Roxana Menéndez.

“We are very grateful for this position of EMDeR to open its Municipal Park stages for the definitions of different Mar del Plata tournaments. For the girls, for example, it is very motivating to play on that pitch”, said Héctor Weiske, director of the Mar del Plata Association.



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