Magnificent Design Revitalization of Exemplary Stadium PSMS Medan Headquarters

Tuesday, December 27 2022 – 04:32 WIB

LIVE BALL – In the near future, the PUPR Ministry will revitalize the Teladan Stadium, Medan City. This stadium is the headquarters of PSMS Medan. The revitalization work will be carried out by PT Pandu Persada.

The Head of the Medan City Spatial Planning Residential Housing Service, Endar Sutan Lubis explained that the Medan City Regional Budget was unable to revitalize the Teladan Stadium. So use the state budget.

With the acceleration of this planning, Endar revealed that the plan for the physical development of the Medan City Pride Stadium could be carried out immediately using APBD funds in 2023.

“In addition, the Ministry of Sports has also provided recommendations to the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing to revitalize the Teladan Stadium,” said Endar, Monday, December 26, 2022.

PT Pandu Persada will increase the capacity of spectators and facilities at Teladan Stadium, according to the needs of the times and international standards. To increase the capacity of spectators and improve the quality of building functions according to AFC standards, serious renovations are needed.

In the design it is revealed that the front and the tower are retained as it is the hallmark of Teladan Stadium. However, the stands are no longer up to standard so they need to be changed.

PSMS Medan Headquarters, Teladan Stadium

PSMS Medan Headquarters, Teladan Stadium

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Where, this development will increase the audience capacity to more than 21 thousand and there is access for disabilities. Moreover, indeed the references in this development planning are FIFA standards, AFC, as well as Permenpora Number 7 of 2021.



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