LIVE LBA – Varese Basketball vs Trieste Basketball, direct 3e quart-temps 25′

Defeated in the previous round respectively by Pesaro and Brindisi, Varese and Trieste face each other at the Enerxenia Arena in round number 11 of the Serie A championship, to return to victory. For the Lombards it would be a milestone for the Final Eight, for the Giulians an extra step to keep the relegation zone at bay. Kick-off at 6 p.m., live from Eleven Sports. Referees: Saverio Lanzarini, Valerio Grigioni, Giulio Pepponi. An absentee in the game is home player Justin Reyes.

Texte direct.

3rd quarter – Owens at the break in the 22nd minute, and Brown 2+1 which certifies the lead of Varese 52-38. With 6’08”, Gaines scores the first points for Trieste in the second half. The goalkeeper repeats a minute later, 52-42 in the 25th minute.

2nd Quarter – The bubbly, fast play continues in the second quarter. Caruso and Spencer move the 11′ 28-18, Woldetensae triple, Spencer, Brown and Deangeli for 33-22 in the 12th minute. Davis closes in, but Ferrero triples. Spencer and Davis for 36-28 in the 16th minute. Three empty passes from Varese precede Davis’ hat-trick, and coach Brase called the timeout 38-31 with 3’07”. Johnson blocks Davis, and Lever with 2’09” of offensive rebounds recovers two points. Owens moves the home scoreboard +7 in the 19th minute. Lever adds two free throws, Ross scores entering at 20′. Markel Brown ignites the crowd with a triple 18″ at halftime. Gaines responds with two free throws, and Legovich calls timeout. Hit and replayed, Ross counterattacks before the siren 47-38.

1st quarter – In the first 90” two baskets from Skylar Spencer arrive to animate the match 0-4. Brown shortens by three and Ross goes over 5-4. Bartley and Owens are on the score sheet, Gaines places the bomb and Owens equalizes on 5 9-9. 1/2 from Ross in the line and Caruso raises Varese. Davis sews up Caruso’s second basket first, then with a 14-14 triple. A break with Johnson and Ross for the local +5. Lever interrupts him, but the Italians of Varese De Nicolao, Librizzi and Ferrero close the quarter 26-16.


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