Lionel Messi’s anger at the presence of chef Salt Bae at the celebration after winning the World Cup

Only Argentine players could raise the precious world Cup. By FIFA protocol, after officials from the organization deposited the trophy on a makeshift platform in the middle of the Luisail stadium in Doha, no one other than the champions could enjoy that privilege reserved for a few.

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But there was a character who slipped into the festivities and posed with the cup and even a medal in his teeth. He even pissed off Leo Messi for his insistence on taking a picture with the captain of the Argentine national team. It’s about the Turkish chef and influencer Salt Baeowner of the world famous restaurant chain NusrEt.

Why Salt Bae participated in the celebrations of the Argentine national team

Nobody knows how the cook managed to enter the court. But judging by the photos that he uploaded to his Instagram account, several Argentine players knew who he was. In fact, the chef published a photograph in which he is seen biting Franco Armani’s gold medal with the River goalkeeper.

But he also took photos with Angel Di María, Leandro Paredes, Nicolás Otamendi, Paulo Dybala, Cristian “Cuti” Romero, Alexis Mac Allister, Lisandro Martínez and even with Messi.

Salt Bae with Messi and Di María (Photo: Instagram/TyC)

The images showing the chef when he was literally chasing Messi all over the field to get a photo went viral on social networks. He even grabbed his shoulder and at his insistence provoked an annoyed gesture from the Argentine captain. However, he managed to immortalize the moment.

Who is the Turkish chef Salt Bae

Several national team players know Salt Bae, whose real name is Nusret Gokce. In fact, he has a photo with Messi when the PSG star visited his restaurant in Doha.

The chef is known for his particular way of serving his celebrity guests. He places a plate of meat on the table, slices it quickly with a knife, arranges the portions, and makes his special shower of salt.

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Before the World Cup lunch, the president of the AFA, Claudio Chiqui Tapiavisited him at his restaurant in Doha. Through his social networks, the popular Turkish chef shared an image embracing the leader and revealed a promise that he made to him in case Lionel Scaloni’s team won the World Cup, as it finally happened.

Chiqui Tapia visited the Salt Bae restaurant (Photo: Instagram/nusr_et)
Chiqui Tapia visited the Salt Bae restaurant (Photo: Instagram/nusr_et)

President of (the AFA) Argentina, Chiqui Tapia. He is extremely great and very sincere. Good luck. He said that if Argentina is world champion, all together we will have a big celebration in Doha”, he wrote on his Instagram account.

Bae owns a chain of restaurants specializing in grilled meats that bear his name, with a total of 15 locations around the world. From the moment the dish is served at the table until the diner takes the first bite, acting and exaggerated movements are part of the presentation.

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So much so that its shape to put salt on food It earned him the viralization and the nickname with which he is known today. The networks bear witness to his personality and his extravagance is present even in the smallest details. His dishes were tasted by Lionel Messi y Diego Armando Maradonain addition to Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino.


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