Lewandowski: “It will be a challenge to face the defending champions, France”

Never has a defeat left a better taste in the mouth in a Robert Lewandowski who is already waiting for Sunday to arrive to continue making history with Poland. The Central European team, which has not qualified for a World Cup round of 16 since 1986, will face nothing more and nothing less than the current champion, France. A confrontation that the Barça striker has described as a challenge.

Playing against France is a great challenge., because they are a very good team and they have top players”, began a Lewandowski who does not give up early. They are the defending champions and for us it will be a challenge, but we have to enjoy it, fight and do the best we can”. Lewy concluded by inviting his teammates to improve the performance they have had throughout this World Cup, especially in the defeat against Argentina (0-2): “We have to do better than against Argentina“.

The KO against the albiceleste, however, did not prevent the smiles of the Poles, who breathed after Mexico was unable to surpass them in the goal average in their victory against Saudi Arabia (1-2): “Yes. It’s been a sweet defeat. We knew that it would be difficult and that we would have to work hard from the beginning. Argentina took the lead at the start of the second half and then played calmer. They have great players, but we are happy to be able to play crosses.”

Lewandowski predicted that Argentina is going to be a serious candidate for the title: “They lost the first game against Saudi Arabia, but then they have gone further. Argentina is one of the clear favorites to win the World Cup“.

Regarding Poland’s options in this World Cup in Qatar 2022, the Barça striker explained that they are going to be more courageous: “We know that we have not played great football. We must play the ball more inside and not be afraid“. In this sense, he assured that the duel against Argentina will serve as a reference for what awaits them against France: “France is a team of a similar level to Argentina, even higher. I am convinced that if we analyze not only the defensive game, but above all the actions with the ball, we can play much better against them”.

He did not argue with Messi

The duel between Lewandowski and Messi He was one of the focuses of attention after the tension created between the two as a result of the Ballon d’Or won by the Argentine in 2021. Their meetings during the match were analyzed with a magnifying glass. From the initial field draw, in which they coincided as captains, to the final whistle, in which they embraced, going through a moment of the game in which Messi denied Lewandowski the greeting after a foul by the Pole in the core

As expected, Lewandowski was questioned about Messi during his appearance in the mixed zone, but the Pole turned a deaf ear to the question, which coincided with another of a sporting nature. The Barça forward preferred to stick to this last question and analyze the game in Poland.



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