LeBron James questions the press about the disparity between the coverage of Kyrie Irving and the owner of the Dallas Cowboys

The Angels LeBron James He has many questions about the perceived disparity in the way the press has covered the appearance of an old photo of Jerry Jones and the recent controversy surrounding Kyrie Irving.

The image of Jones, taken by an Associated Press photographer in 1957, shows the current billionaire standing with a group of white students at a high school in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

The group blocked the passage of six black students who were trying to desegregate the school. News reports indicate that, moments after the photo was taken, the students were pushed down the stairs.

Last month, the photo accompanied a Washington Post story about Jones’ legacy as owner of the Dallas Cowboys. It was mentioned that the team has never had a black coach.

James has often spoken about the Cowboys. He was a fan of the team for years, before saying on Instagram Live in October that the team was no longer his favorite.

On Wednesday James found it interesting that he was not asked questions about the photo of Jones.

“When I saw Kyrie speak, he said: ‘I know who I am, but I want to keep the same energy when we talk about my people and what I’ve been through.’ And that photo of Jerry Jones is one of those moments that we black people have gone through in America,” James said.

“And I think as a black athlete, someone with power and a platform, when we do something wrong or something that people don’t agree with, I see that in every tabloid and in every news coverage… But it seems to me that with The whole Jerry Jones situation… it all gets buried.”

Irving was suspended, ultimately for eight games by the Brooklyn Nets, this season. The point guard, James’s former teammate at the Cleveland Cavaliers, tweeted a link to a documentary with anti-Semitic content.



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