Kyrie Irving: “Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant are alike”

Kyrie Irving, leader of the Brooklyn Nets, winner on the night of Wednesday to Thursday of the Charlotte Hornets (122-116): “If you look at the greatest basketball players in history, they have sacrificed a lot of time at the expense of their families and friends to make sure their fans have as much fun as possible. Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant look alike. But it’s not just Kobe and KD. If you’re wondering what the secret is to staying on top every year, count the number of hours they spend training. They are so serious in their preparation. Kobe and KD are real competitors. Of course, Kobe’s game changed in his later years. But he left us so many things to continue on his path. KD got a lot of advice from him. It is true that there are similarities between the two. They are ready to do anything to win every game. These are exactly the type of players you want to have on your team. »


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