Kimberley won the final series and achieved promotion to the Federal League

In a solid performance from start to finish, the “Dragon” won the third and decisive game against Sporting by 79-68 and will play the third category of basketball.

(Photo: Kimberley Press)

In a very good public setting at the “Valentín Pérez”, with dozens of people who could not enter due to exceeding the capacity of the pitch, Kimberley had a great performance from start to finish and won the final series against Sporting getting over it by 79 to 68 and so achieved promotion to the Federal League basketball to be held from January 2023.

In a festive atmosphere for what had been the recent classification of the Argentine soccer team to the round of 16 of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the stadium located at the headquarters of the Dragon (Avenida Independencia at 3030) looked very colorful and with great expectation to know which team took over the third promotion granted by the Sports Region Cab 3 of the Prefederal Tournament to the third category of Argentine basketball.

With a series tied at one after each team became strong at home (as happened in the regular stage with each other), this Wednesday night the third and decisive match was played, a game that kept him Kimberley overwhelmingly by 79 to 68. The best player of the “good” of the final series was the experienced Alejandro Reinick, who finished with 21 points and 12 rebounds, closely followed by Joaquín Floria with 17 points and 7 rebounds and the point guard Lucas Iriart who signed a form with 15 units.

Unlike the previous games that were a constant “stick to stick”, this time the verdiblanco He made an important initial difference based on a strong defense in the first line that caused simple counters and a difference of 14 points to win the first quarter by a clear 22-8.

Based on this advantage, the team led by Diego Cavaco He managed the rhythm and the game and he even got a maximum of 16, although at the long break he went up 39 to 26. On the way back from the locker room, Kimberley continued well planted in the field against a Sporting team that in the course of the first half had the significant loss due to injury to Agustín Monacchi, brother of Tomás, current captain of Peñarol in the National League.

With good tools, mainly in the area painted with the Colo Reinick and Maximiliano Maciel as referents and in addition to some penetrations from guards Iriart or Lautaro Padilla, Kimberley managed to get a maximum of 19 units that were too many for Javier Bianchelli’s team that, despite having four players with double figures in points, could not match the local scoring.


“Very happy to have achieved the objective that we set ourselves at the beginning of this, which was to obtain one of the places to compete in the Federal. We knew that it was not going to be easy but it was achieved and we are happy above all for the group that worked very hard and convinced to achieve the objective. guys who are not professionals and that everyone has their work and study and that they took it very responsibly”, he expressed his joy Alejandro Colo Reinick a How digital.

Regarding Kimberley’s participation in the 2023 Federal Basketball League, the 44-year-old center who knew how to be a National League champion with Athens and Peñarol said: “Now the leaders have to sharpen the pencil, adjust the numbers and see the budget because it is a national tournament, which will be a leap and a greater demand for the club“.

It should be remembered that in the regular stage of the Prefederal Union came out undefeated champion y second was IAE (Albert Einstein Institute), so both got the two direct promotions to Federal, but Einstein finally gave up participating in the promotion tournament and it is for that reason that the positions were rearranged and Independent of Tandil, who had finished third, achieved promotion. To these was added now Kimberleywho got the third promotion to Federal after winning the playoffs to Smata and in the grand final to Sporting.


Kimberley (78): Lucas Iriart 15, Joaquin Floria 17, Facundo Genga 7, Maximilian Maciel 7 and Alexander Reinick 21 (FI); Matthias Bonfiglio 3, Lautaro Padilla 9, Carlos Colpaz 0, Santiago Suarez 0, Ramiro Dagostino 0 and Felipe Carmenes 0. DT: Diego Cavaco.

Sporting (69): Andrew Matthew 9, James Georgetti 10, Peter Monacchi 14, Augustine Monacchi 0 and Joaquin Solabarrieta 10 (FI); Matthew Rodriguez 2, Gabriel Greco 10, James Agliano 2, Lucas Duc 0, Mauro Rodriguez 9 and Ignatius Di Sabatto 2. DT: Javier Bianchelli.

Partial: 22-8; 17-18 (39-26); 22-19 (61-45) y 17-14 (78-69)

Referees: Casalot and Hernandez.

Basketball court: Valentin Perez.

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