Juve, the different versions of the financial statements according to the club, the prosecutor’s office and Consob

The company has rewritten the report that will have to be approved on December 27 by the shareholders’ meeting: from the 2018-19 financial year, so the different criteria for reporting on “salary maneuvers” change the accounts

The block resignation of the board of directors, under pressure from the Turin prosecutor’s office and Consob. The opening of sports investigations (FIGC and UEFA). The countermove of the Exor property, with the indication of the president Gianluca Ferrero, the appointment of the general manager Maurizio Scanavino and the announcement of a board of professionals to “address and resolve the legal and corporate issues that are on the table today”. The new directors will take office with the meeting of 18 January. The one of 27 December, on the other hand, will be used to approve the financial statements as at 30 June 2022, rewritten and fired just yesterday. The consolidated loss drops from 254 million (253 for Juventus Fc alone) in the draft financial statements launched in September to 239 (238 for the separate financial statements) in the new presentation, given that the Juventus management has partially met the findings of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Consob and Deloitte. In cascade, the income statements of previous years were restated, the deficits of which instead increased: from 210 to 227 for the 2020-21 consolidated financial statements (from 209 to 226 for the separate one), from 90 to 93 for the 2019 consolidated financial statements -20 (identical figures for the separate financial statements). Because?


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