Judo – Fourth title in purple for the JC Wimpassing ladies

All good things come in fours! For the fourth time in a row, the women of JC Wimpassing put on the Bundesliga crown. Before the start of the autumn round, a duel between Wimpassing and the Sanjindo Bischofshofen selection team became apparent.

Both teams were able to win three times each in the spring. In a direct duel against each other there was a 3:3 draw. In the fine evaluation, however, the Pongauers were just ahead with an Ippon victory (ten points) compared to a Wazaari victory (seven points). In addition, the Wimpassingers had to cope with the failure of their 52 kg athlete and give up a fight without a fight in every encounter. Coach Adi Zeltner’s direction was clear: “We have to win all our fights, and with Ippon. Only then can we become champions again on our own!”

“We must win all our battles…”
Adi Zeltner, head coach, JC Wimpassing

The JCW ladies traveled to Leibnitz for the last round. The two state selections from Tyrol and Styria as well as ASKÖ Reichraming were clearly defeated 5:1 (50:10) in a row. In the last fight against UJZ Mühlviertel there was even a 5:0 (50:0) success. Coach Adi Zeltner proved his skills as a tactician and was to be rewarded for poker as Kathy Tanzer promptly won in a higher weight class.

Thus, the champion troupe from Wimpassing was able to win all of their 20 fights prematurely with Ippon. The points for the old and new masters in the decisive autumn round in Leibnitz were provided by: Kathy Tanzer – four wins (-48/-52), Verena Hiden – two wins (-57), Lisa Grabner – three wins (-57/-63 ), Fanny Schlögl – three wins (-63), Michi Polleres – four wins (-70), Marlene Hunger – two wins (+70), Daniela Polleres – two wins (+70).

A class of her own was Olympic heroine Michaela Polleres – “Mrs. Bundesliga 2022”: As the only fighter, she managed the feat in the entire women’s league competition to decide all eight fights early with Ippon.



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