Italian Camila Giorgi suspected of having falsified her vaccination pass

Italian player Camila Giorgi could risk a lot, both with Italian justice, but also with the WTA. The current 66th in the world is indeed suspected of having falsified her vaccine pass against Covid-19. His name is cited in a list of transalpine personalities, at the heart of an investigation into a medical scam, as revealed by the media Newspaper of Vicenza, La Repubblica et Corriere della Sera.

Camila Giorgi is involved in false vaccination documents against Covid-19, issued by two doctors, Daniela Grillone and Erich Volker Goepel. These would have allowed the 31-year-old player to falsify her vaccination pass, in order to be able to continue to play tournaments around the world for many months.

Asked about this burning case of forgery and use of forgery in Veneto in several media, the Italian Tennis Federation ensures to follow the situation closely. The parents and brothers of Camilia Giorgi would also be affected by this investigation, as would dozens of members of the police force, who would also have obtained a false vaccination certificate.


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