“It is imperative to do an anti-drug control in Draymond Green! »

If last night’s game between the Warriors and the Rockets is not to be remembered, Draymond Green still managed a performance that throws, since the Warrior has… overtaken Michael Jordan! Something to amuse Internet users, and even Steve Kerr.

Author of 3 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Draymond Green didn’t need to deliver a historic performance for his Warriors to beat the Rockets. But his only successful shot of the evening (1/6) allowed him to surpass Michael Jordan in a very particular stat:

Draymond Green (582) passed Michael Jordan (581) for the most career 3-pointers 🔥

Internet users and Steve Kerr in disbelief at Draymond’s record

Dray’s 3-point shot having been quickly entered into the game, some Internet users were inflamed in comments:

Someone imperatively does a doping control at Draymond Green, he shoots as if it were 2016!

Green, not at all renowned for his shooting behind the arc, finally calmed down, but who cares: he did indeed exceed Michael Jordan. What to party? Not frankly.

Already busy with the various problems at the Warriors, including the big unease around a major nameSteve Kerr derided the subject, visibly unaffected by this news:

It’s a stat without much interest (smile). But yeah, I guess we’ll celebrate that. Besides, I’m going to toast Draymond!

While he is far from being a sniper, Draymond Green has just surpassed Michael Jordan’s career 3-point total. A stat that illustrates the evolution of the “all 3 points” of the NBA more than anything else, and which Internet users and Steve Kerr preferred to smile… and rightly so!



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