Inhuman, Steph Curry finds himself both 101st… and 1st!

Steph Curry is the author of a great start to the season with the Warriors, worthy of a possible MVP. But for now, his priority is to ensure the win for his team after a rather difficult recovery at Golden State. The Chief knows how to work in the fourth quarter, like this statistic where he is 101st in the standings… in addition to being first. Impressive.

The machine is struggling to get started with the Warriors, who currently have a record of 12 wins and 11 losses. Steve Kerr’s men had a bit of trouble at the start, although the results are improving as the weeks go by. Witness the awakening of Draymond Green, as well as the great game of Jordan Poole (30 points) this Friday evening. Steph Curry, he released ” the worst shot of his career.«

If the Dubs’ record were a bit better, the Chef would arguably be one of the favorites for MVP. He has statistics at 30.8 points, 6.9 rebounds and 7 assists, all at 51% shooting. To better achieve the feat, the number 30 does better than the season when he obtained the unanimous MVP. That is to say if he manages to improve his level of play when his people need him.

Steph Curry, king of the fourth quarter

What also makes the difference in his case is his presence in the end of a game. Kerr can count on his player to put his team ahead, as the stats prove. Fadeaway World reports that Curry is 101st in the NBA in last quarter playing time. This is explained by the rotation of the coach, who prefers Steph to rest at the start, to finish strong in the clutchtime.

Despite this limited playing time compared to the others, Steph manages to be… the leader of the entire NBA in terms of points:

Curry is ranked 101st in minutes in the fourth quarter, but leads the league in late game scoring. The 34-year-old scored 158 points in 129 minutes played in the fourth quarter of each game.

A really special stat, since Curry knows how to end his matches in style. He rests at the start, then comes off the bench to make sure the victory will belong to the Dubs: a strategy that has worked well so far. Not far behind him, there are some big names, but with a lot more minutes:

Behind him, players like Jayson Tatum (151 points in 171 minutes), Giannis Antetokounmpo (141 points in 148 minutes) and Kevin Durant (137 points in 157 minutes). Curry is also the leader in fourth quarter points per 100 possessions.

In short, Steph Curry has been the master of the fourth quarter since the start of the campaign. Nobody does better than him when it comes to finishing matches, even if the Dubs’ record is still a little disappointing. There is no doubt that the Chef will be keen to rectify this quickly.



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