in Morocco, a complicated evening for the proud supporters

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The exploit did not take place for Morocco. The Atlas Lions lost to France last night December 14 in the semi-finals of the World Cup. In Casablanca, the defeat hurts and the evening was difficult for the Moroccan supporters.

From our correspondent in Casablanca,

« It was one of the worst nights of my life confided one of the supporters who came to watch the match at Belle d’Anfa, a café in Casablanca. It must be said that the Moroccans believed in their team, they imagined beating France and going to the final, but very quickly, from the 5th minute, Théo Hernandez opened the scoring for France. The faces then close, a few tears even flow down the cheeks of some. Others can no longer sit still and leave their seats to avoid seeing their players in difficulty.

Watching a goal from France from the start of the match was the worst possible scenario for Moroccans. But the supporters do not let go of their Lions. In this cafe, the Casablancais continued to encourage each of the actions and each of the climbs of their team, but the second goal finishes them off. They know it’s over, that there is nothing more to do. Many go home even before the final whistle. They are upset, disgusted. Seeing their players put in difficulty by France is unbearable.

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We did not expect that. It’s a first and we wanted to go all the way…

Report after the game in Casablanca

Digest the defeat before thinking about the small final

They had gotten used to big parties after games…this time the reactions were quite mixed. Many could not digest the defeat and therefore preferred to return home. In addition, the rain came, which did not help the morale of the troops. They were still unable to even think about the small final to come. It must take place on Saturday December 17, but this appointment seems to them for the moment very far. They must first digest their elimination.

Others wanted to pay tribute to the course of the Atlas Lions. There were some scenes of joy, horns, dinghies, songs, some drums, fireworks were even launched. The festivities were short-lived. If usually in Casablanca, the party can last until early morning, last night, around midnight, the streets were empty.

It is a Cup that reminded Moroccans that we are a united, solid nation…

Report after the game in Rabat

During the Qatar 2022 World Cup semi-final between Morocco and France, in the capital Rabat, on December 14, 2022. AFP – FADEL SENNA

Proud despite everything

But the Moroccans are obviously proud of the course of their team. They are aware that this is an achievement for Morocco. No one could imagine, at the start of this World Cup, that the Moroccan team could reach the semi-final. Moroccan fans were even surprised at the start of the competition to see the first victories.

They are therefore very proud to have worn the colors of Morocco so far, and they are also happy to be the first African and Arab team to go beyond the quarter-finals. It’s unprecedented, and they don’t forget that despite the defeat. Moroccans have been full of confidence over the past three weeks. For them, they proved to everyone that football can also be worn by an African team.

This pride was expressed by the king himself. Mohammed VI called coach Walid Regragui and captain Romain Saiss. He thanked them for having done honor to the Moroccan people ».

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It was already extraordinary to be the first African country in the semi-finals…

Report after the match in Marrakech

Special edition of the 2022 World Cup, after the France-Morocco match


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