Icheon City Volunteer Center and Icheon City Badminton Association deliver rice of love: Gyeonggi News Media

▲ Donation of Rice of Love to Icheon City Badminton Association

[경기뉴스미디어=정은아 기자] (Foundation) Icheon City Volunteer Center announced that it had a warm sharing time on October 30th, when it received 50 bags of 10kg rice prepared for neighbors in need from the Icheon City Badminton Association.

The Icheon City Badminton Association prepares this sharing activity under the slogan “Happiness of Sharing, Delivering Rice of Love” to contribute to the increase in farm household income by promoting Icheon rice consumption and to help neighbors who are experiencing economic difficulties in winter, including COVID-19. 50 bags of prepared rice were delivered to the Icheon Mental Health Welfare Center and the Icheon Social Welfare Association, 25 bags each, with the cooperation of the Icheon City Volunteer Center, and will be finally delivered to the less fortunate nearby.

Min Ho-gi, head of the Icheon City Volunteer Center, said, “I sincerely thank the Icheon City Badminton Association for giving great strength to local farmers who are suffering from a decrease in rice sales and the underprivileged who are struggling with economic difficulties in the winter.” I hope that you will accompany us in warm sharing activities for the vulnerable in Korea.”



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