Ibai Llanos gets angry with Argentine fans for mufa at the Qatar 2022 World Cup: Brazil will be champion | soccer trivia

River Llanos turned on social networks with a couple of trills about his “favorite” to win the Qatar World Cup 2022which received strong responses from Argentine fans.

And of course, the ‘streamer’ The Spaniard also got angry because of the reactions on Twitter, and ended up scolding the Albiceleste fans because they did not know how to interpret his words.

Brazil will be world champion. It is unavoidable”, Ibai tweeted on his official Twitter account. He also published a photo of the Brazilian team’s jersey, with six stars on its shield, predicting the six-time championship for ‘Canarinha’.

Since then, The Spanish received strong comments from the Argentineswho spoke of the favoritism of the team led by Lionel Scaloni and has Messi like a great figure.

That is why Llanos responded with the same hostility he received, and ended up giving the Argentines a scolding.

“Every time someone said ‘good afternoon, I cancel mufa’, ‘good morning, I cancel mufa’, ‘good evening, I cancel mufa.’ And now I said that Brazil is going to be the champion to ‘muff it’ and I keep receiving ‘butter slide’, cannelloni slide… Now you say that Argentina is a favourite, you are already muffing it”, Ibai exploded.

Thus, what the ‘streamer’ wanted was to twist the luck of Brazil in the World Cup, and thus free Argentina from responsibility, but silently forcing them to become champion in Qatar 2022.



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