“I would not have accepted the captaincy if the players had not agreed”


The new captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team, David Ferrer, confessed this Monday that “he would not have accepted the captaincy if the players had not agreed”, an “opportunity” that comes at the “right time”, and in the one who wishes to have Rafa Nadal, who “has not been ruled out”, in a team in which he sees Carlos Alcaraz “with leadership material”.

“It is essential to have the confidence of the players, it helps a lot. I would not have accepted the captaincy if the players had not agreed. It is the right time, I like it, I am still linked to tennis and I am very excited to assume something in which you have responsibility, and I like it,” Ferrer said in statements to the media after his official presentation at the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council (CSD).

The tennis player was supported by the president of the CSD, José Manuel Franco; the president of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET), Miguel Díaz Román; and Mapfre’s Director of Brand and Reputation, Fernando Garrido, official sponsor of the Spanish Davis Cup Team.

Ferrer told the media that he did not “have a hard time accepting” the position. “It was all easy,” he revealed, before confirming that he will make the captaincy compatible with his position as director of the Conde de Godó tournament, since “it is compatible.”

The three-time Davis Cup champion (2008, 2009 and 2011) pointed out that “some time” has passed since his retirement will help him in his new position, seeing tennis from “another perspective”. “I have also seen how the players have evolved, I have seen them from off the court, having coached Alexander Zverev, they are a new generation,” he explained.

“I will make difficult decisions for sure, when you assume the captaincy you have responsibilities and you have to accept that you are going to have to say no to players you know and it is going to hurt you. I assume that obligation, always with my arguments,” he reiterated.

Among those decisions and tasks will be convincing Rafa Nadal, absent in the last Davis Cup, to participate in the next edition, with the group stage from September 12 to 17. “I spoke with him, but we did not talk about September, there is a lot left. I will try to get the best to come, hopefully Rafa can come, but it is in his hands. He has not ruled out, he has a calendar where it is not easy, due to injuries. I’ll talk with him when the time comes. If someone is exempt from not playing Davis for everything he has given to Spanish tennis, it is Rafa Nadal”, he advanced.

“The important and the good ones are the players, and Spain has an exceptional batch of players. Starting with Rafa Nadal, it’s easier to get it with him, but we need a team together, and we have that,” he added.

Carlos Alcaraz, current number one in the world, a “different and special” player, with “great projection” and “tennis quality” should also play an important role. “He will be a very Davis Cup player. He is very excited, he experiences great emotions. He has the material of a leader, he is the youngest player to win a Grand Slam, taking on the pressure at that age, I have seen few of him, Nadal, Djokovic and a few others”, he praised.

“It is important to have a very consolidated doubles that gives you some guarantee. It conditions a lot with the new format, I would like to have a clear idea of ​​our best option and that they train it”, he pointed out as one of the keys in the tournament.

Earlier, during the official act, Ferrer took advantage of his speech to thank the RFET for giving him “the opportunity and the confidence to take on this new challenge”. “It is a competition in which I have experienced the best emotions of my tennis career. I have had great captains who helped me a lot when I was a player, I have a very special relationship with Sergi Bruguera, he was in my last Davis Cup”, he confessed.

“I will try to contribute my experience, I will do everything possible to get the most out of all the players. Surely it will be three years in which I will give one hundred percent to add one or more salad bowls,” insisted Ferrer.


For his part, José Manuel Franco stressed that he will always have “the support of the CSD, the RFET and the invaluable support of Mapfre” to face this “challenge”. “Above all and above all else, with respect to the tennis family, you have earned it,” he added.

“I have deep admiration for David Ferrer. All tennis fans were inspired by that ability to fight, you were tireless on the court and exemplary, where you starred in some epic matches. He made us emotional and vibrate for his dedication and passion,” he recalled.

The Secretary of State for Sport celebrated the “luck” of the Spanish team for the Davis Cup to have a captain like Ferrer for the next three years. “It is a legendary competition, the most important. I wish this opportunity to be profitable, exciting and fruitful to further extend the glorious trajectory of Spain in this competition. I wish you the best for the future”, he concluded.

From the RFET, Díaz Román thanked Sergi Bruguera for his “excellent work” as a former captain, with the 2019 title a great success. “We were not used to it, we had six titles since 2000, but it is not normal. Italy has won it once in 100 years, the last time 40 years ago,” he stressed.

“Ferrer is a magnificent person. He has been number three in the world with the three monsters of our time, without them he would have been number one. He is a great professional. When we think of the captain’s substitute, David Ferrer was the first to come out He has three Davis Cups, he is a fighter, a ‘gladiator’. We are very excited, we wish him good luck and hopefully we can win the seventh Davis Cup in the next three years”, he wished.

Finally, Mapfre’s Director of Brand and Reputation, Fernando Garrido, valued Ferrer’s “struggle and sacrifice” as a player. “With him transferring half of what he fought for, we will have many successes. We have been supporting the team since 2008 and we will do so for many more years. Spanish tennis will continue to be at the top,” he concluded.


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