How to combine men’s clothing with only 5 different shirts

Badly, we have the idea that to get a great look you need a packed wardrobe. Forgetting that a basic knowledge about how to combine clothes can make a difference at all, while this helps us -of course- to not run out of funds in our bank accounts, as well as not to buy unnecessary products that will end up harming planet Earth. You don’t need to have a shirt in every color of the rainbow and then variations of the same one in every material imaginable or possible. Also, your pants and jeans do not have to become a large design archive, as if it were a wardrobe for a movie. Not to mention sneakers, shoes and boots, which can cause uncomfortable (and sometimes irresolvable) storage at home. Now, you are about to discover how you can get an image of 100 points —on a scale of ten, so imagine how successful you are going to be if you follow our advice to the letter— without having to go overboard with your purchases, but also not always looking the same or limiting yourself to just a handful of skin-tight outfits in a single week.

Also, one of the most amazing aspects of all this is that you will be able to stop worrying about long days a month and you will have the opportunity to contribute to the environment. Yes. Just as you read it. Buying the number of key garments for your day to day, neither one more nor one less, prevents you from exaggerating your consumption of fabrics month after month under the false belief that “you have nothing to wear” —and everything that chain entails such as the use of water, exploitation of resources, etc., at the same time that it puts a stop to waste for vanity. If you’ve ever thrown clothes away just because you didn’t like them anymore or because you never wore them more than once, you know what we’re talking about. And we are in time to remedy it, learning to have a much better armed closet and to combine with great intelligence what lives there.

To complete this experiment we need:

  • A white shirt —basic and always a faithful companion—.
  • A light blue shirt.
  • A light pink shirt —more versatile than you think.
  • A simple print shirt—we recommend a subtle pattern of small checks, for example—
  • And a flannel shirt – it may well be the classic red with blue or green and yellow tartan.

For all this to flow, we also need you to have these other style essentials on hand:

  • Khaki chino pants.
  • Dark blue jean pants.
  • Olive green chinos.
  • Navy blue chino pants.
  • A gray chino pants.
  • White tennis.
  • Blue tennis.
  • Gray tennis.
  • Brown casual shoes.
  • Derby-style (dress) shoes in any shade of brown or tan.


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