Hong Soo Hyun Reveals The Secret To Maintaining A Slim Body Line “I’ve Been Exercising Every Day For 10 Years” – Kstyle

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Actress Hong Soo Hyun has graced the cover of the monthly women’s magazine ‘Housewife Life’ December issue.

Hong Soo Hyun, who has returned to TV Chosun’s new weekend drama ‘Red Balloon’, which started broadcasting in December, stood in front of the camera for the first time in a while. She recently cut her hair short for her character in the drama, and it is said that she showed off her charm by expressing various expressions and emotions with her free and easy appearance.

As an actress, Hong Soo Hyun emphasized ‘exercise’ as a way to improve her inner and outer appearance. She said, “I don’t strictly manage my menu, but I exercise a lot. Except for the days when I can’t exercise due to filming, I lift weights almost every day. I’ve been exercising like this for about 10 years. It will be, ”he said, expressing his love for sports.

In addition, he learned a lot of sports such as golf, water skiing, judo, etc., as a preparation for his role or as a hobby.

Through an interview that took place after a long time, Hong Soo-hyun mentioned “losing things” as the secret of his life. It is said that the mind is calm only when the surroundings are always neat and tidy. He also said, “I don’t have a jinx. When I start thinking about something, it actually becomes a jinx, so I try not to think about it. I’m a much more positive and energetic person than I thought. My acting. The driving force behind our activities is the expansion of our business into the world, where we travel back and forth between the East and the West.



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