Has a child tattooed his face because of a Gazir tweet?

LSocial networks are normally a place of controversy. Public ridicule of some personality that does something wrong, surveys or even confusion. The latter is what happened today as a result of a Twit from Gazir, the recently runner-up in the world of Batallas de Gallos.

A boy who was looking for an answer from him on Twitter, saw that the freestyler answered a boy with a tattoo of Gazir’s phrase. Neither short nor lazy, as he points out, he decided to tattoo his face. But now there are doubts, is the tattoo true or false?

A tattoo and a misinterpreted tweet

On December 18, in the shadow of Gazir’s responses, there was a tweet that now seems to go down in history. Responding to a fan who had tattooed the phrase of him “Today I am surfing the sea that had cried yesterday”, the freestyler was delighted with the show of affection.

Given this, our protagonist, Nico, asked him why he didn’t listen to him and the guy with the tattoo did. To this, another user decided to respond by giving him the reason: “He just got a quote from Gazir tattooed all over his back and you still ask him why“.

Gazir, for his part, also answered, with the fateful phrase: “Hahahaha let him get a tattoo too if he wants me to pay attention to him xd“, which apparently has now been taken literally by the young man. Just two days later, the boy, who appears to be quite small, has appeared tattooed.

Under the text “I already tattooed @GazirGPS. Surfing the sea that cried yesterday“, a photo of his face appears, with a large tattoo of a drop in which you can see a wave and the silhouette of a surfer. Seeing the situation, both the artist and the vast majority of those who have read the Twit have been dislodged.

Nico has affirmed that it is real, and has even sent a photo in which he is seen getting a tattoo, so that there are no doubts. However, many have continued to doubt, and Gazir has not been able to avoid answering: “I wasn’t serious about you having to get a tattoo for Nico to answer youmalinterpretaste mi tweet”.

Given this, the child himself has responded that why did Gazir tell him if he was not serious. Even so, his situation does not concern him, despite the fact that, according to him, he’s had a fight with his mom about it, as it’s worth it if the freestyler follows him.

¿Real o fake?

Some professionals have denied this situation. Several details of the images seem to show that the tattoo is definitely not real, despite what the child says. The doubts are still there, but, since we stick to the most probable, we will have to listen to the professionals.

Pol Tatoo, known for his incredible work and who does live on Twitch, has not hesitated: “That is not tattooed.” That was his response when he saw the first of the photos, and later, with Abby’s response telling him that he was broken, he gave more reasons: “Aunt the machine is stopped and the cartridge is out of ink xD“.

With all this on the table, we cannot give a verdict. Is it real and will this boy have his face scarred for life? It doesn’t seem like it to us, but we can’t be completely sure either… What is certain is that this is one of Twitter’s surreal moments in 2022.


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