Great appreciation for 45 years of police sports club Königsbrunn

Image: Photos from the Königsbrunn police sports club, Siegfried Oswald

Dieter Greiner, Jürgen Hoffmann, Norbert Schwalber”>

Image: Photos from the Königsbrunn police sports club, Siegfried Oswald

Dieter Greiner, Juergen Hoffmann, Norbert Schwalber

About 60 friends, supporters, athletes and trainers accepted the invitation to the celebration of the 45th anniversary of the police sports club in Königsbrunn. The presidents of the police sports clubs in Augsburg, Munich and Eichstätt were also there.

Norbert Schwalber, who has been president of the police SV Königsbrunn since 1979, thanked his entire team and especially the coaches and trainers for their outstanding voluntary commitment. The police sports club founded in Königsbrunn in 1977 currently has six departments and is very successful in sports from club champions to world championship titles in badminton, judo, athletics, shooting, table tennis, gymnastics and gymnastics. Another trademark is the large number of qualified trainers, including graduate trainers.
President Schwalber referred to the enormous corona restrictions in recent years, which demanded the greatest efforts from all sports clubs and athletes. The great challenges, since training in the sports facilities of the riot police was not possible due to the known corona protection measures, could still be mastered very well and Norbert Schwalber thanked the city of Königsbrunn, the Königsbrunn Ski Club and the TSV Königsbrunn. Schwalber particularly thanked the Königsbrunn riot police for 45 years of successful partnership. He was happy about the many sporting connections and cooperations with schools that also offer judo, among other things, and in this context he welcomed the deputy headmistress of the West elementary school, Anja Fendt.

The senior police director Thomas Fichtner, as the host of the 5th riot police department, congratulated the Königsbrunn police sports club on this extremely successful task, namely offering sports for young and old successfully over such a long period of time as volunteers. He was pleased with the good liaison function between the police and the citizens. The police sports club, which uses the BePo training facilities, is also an excellent opportunity for the relatives and the police students to improve their own fitness due to the proximity. The advertising character for a possible career choice as a police officer also plays a major role in the police sports club. One of many examples is 26-year-old Markus Streit, who started judo as a child at the Königsbrunn police sports club and is now completing his training as a police officer in Königsbrunn. “We will continue to make our share and contribution to your voluntary commitment,” says the Königsbrunner BePo boss.

“Behind the sport at the Königsbrunn police sports club there is much more than just exercise,” said the first mayor of Königsbrunn, Franz Feigl, in his speech. He went on to say that society is showing major changes, for example in the lack of physical activity, which has a major impact on health and work ability. The two sports physicians and club doctors present, Dr. Wolfgang Martin and Dr. Ulrich Pfalzgraf clearly confirm. “It is unfortunate that the interest in volunteering for other people continues to drop significantly. I am all the more pleased that the Königsbrunn Police Sports Club is so well positioned here with qualified trainers and officials – thank you very much for having such a person makes an unbelievably large contribution to society,” summarized the mayor of Königsbrunn.

“Offering high-quality sport and establishing a close connection with the citizens was your founding goal in 1977,” says MdL Carolina Trautner. It is absolutely necessary for our society that there are positive role models in police sports clubs and by police officers, especially for children and young people, the former Minister of State for Family and Social Affairs continued. “As a police sports club, you build important bridges for mutual understanding between people and the police. It is necessary that we stand up for more appreciation and respect in our society but also for the police. Especially the sports offers for children, young people and their families are so important because it is still so easy to learn value-conscious behavior in sporting activities. Please continue like this”, were the final words of the members of the state parliament.

For many years of commitment in the police sports club in Königsbrunn, the BLSV district chairman Dieter Greiner awarded the former police chief inspector Jürgen Hoffmann with a certificate. Hoffmann has been volunteering tirelessly as Vice President and in other functions for 45 years since the Königsbrunn Police Sports Club was founded. Anne Hoffmann, Siegfried Oswald, Armin Gaurieder, Gerhard Kübrich and Johannes Daxbacher received further certificates of honor.



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